rebecca moreland


Rebecca Moreland’s single, Freak Soul, is an upbeat pop song  about embracing individuality. The song was named top 10 pop songs of 2015 by Reverbnation and was featured on AllAccess.com and on New Music Weekly.

Rebecca's upcoming EP, entitled Humani Affectus (latin for human emotion), is a concept album that explores the human experience and the universal emotional themes that tie us all together. It is set to release June 2016.

“Moreland won’t strike anyone as an artist unafraid to wrestle with significant, even timeless, issues. There’s a marvelous liberation in her vocal delivery, a sense of a spirit set free, and the music bristles and surges with the same forcefulness.” -Vents Magazine.

Rebecca plays regularly in Nashville, and has toured colleges across the country such as Dartmouth, UNT, Eastern Kentucky University, Penn State, Florida Atlantic University, Texas Tech, among others.

She has performed as a headliner at the Fairport Music Festival,  performed live on WSMV NBC News Midday--Nashville, SALiving--ABC News San Antonio, Fox Morning News--San Antonio, and ABC News--Memphis. Rebecca was a featured songwriter in episode No. 6 of The Songwriter: Nashville, a documentary web series that debuted on RollingStone.com.